We took a trip

After almost two years in the making, my partner and I finally got to enjoy the European wedding / holiday we'd been planning for so long... For a whole month this September just been, we tripped around some of the finer parts of Italy, Spain, Germany and France, with a stint in Abu Dhabi on the way. After much consideration, I opted to leave my 7D behind - for as awesome as it is, she's a bit heavy - and instead I delved into the world of the fab Fujifilm x100s, for its compactness, lightness and full manual functionality, not to mention the rave reviews about the quality of image provided by this little nugget. I was particularly taken with the aluminium retro stylings and the sweet as leather case/strap combo. It was love. 

The funny thing is, I ended up using my iPhone 5s as much, if not more so, than I did the Fujifilm. I guess the pull of instant photo edit capabilities and "shareability" via fb and Insta was too great to just leave it to one machine... 

So in light of, here's presenting a few of my fave iPhone pics.