Auckland bands

Cassette Nine / Balu Brigada

A Friday night at Cassette Nine in downtown Auckland City always holds so much promise... much like the talented dudes in local band, Balu Brigada. These guys sure have a solid following amongst friends (and probably amongst some strangers now too) with their catchy original toooooons - Weekend, Grand Central and the crowd favourite Ricochet - and their sweet as covers; numbers like Super Rich Kids (Frank Ocean) and Frontin' (Pharrell) getting the kids going. Pashing on the d-floor, not to mention the old bump 'n grind, and some rather too short skirts left me with that 'you're getting old' feeling, as I fought the urge to tap on some shoulders and tell them to ease off the PDA... Heck, what would their mothers say? Low lighting of the purple and green variety left my camera wanting, but then what's a good pub gig without shitty stage lighting and a few beers spilt down your back? The boys performed with great energy and gave good set - not too short, not too long - and the crowd was all twinkly-toed right from the get go. Three cheers!